We’re a group of regular people who believe that business can, and should, be done differently.


Conventional approaches to business ignore social and environmental issues,
as though our economy, society and environment can all work independently of each other.

Business needs to be done differently, and done right.

In the Unruly Zone, business is a force for good.


The Unruly Zone is all about creating excellent businesses that do the right thing.

Our companies minimize waste, refuse to be involved with unethical practices, pay people fairly, and avoid using harmful chemicals in production. When choosing projects to take on, we evaluate proposals according to their social and environmental impact, not just their profitability.

And to top it off, 100% of our profit goes to fund projects protecting children and women from slavery and exploitation.

Imagine how great our world would be if all businesses worked this way!


In 2018, the Unruly Zone is just beginning. Here’s what we’re doing first:

Want to grow your social impact?
We will work with you to develop and deliver the training, mentoring and consultancy that you need.

Wholesome, natural foods and food products.
Grown with love to protect the earth and your health.